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Fire Stop Barriers

Stop the propagation of fire through openings and weak structural points

    • – Materials that prevent the propagation of flames and fire through cable ducts and wall openings
    • – Can be applied in combination with the inflatable duct sealers
    • – Asbestos free and non toxic.
  • All products are made by RAYTECH.

Incombustible, intumescent bags in various sizes. Filled with mineral fibers and expandable under high temperatures compounds.

Stainless collars in various sizes with internal gaskets made of intumescent material which expands in case of fire and blocks the gap around the tubes.

Incombustible panels made of mineral fibers and treated on the surface with intumescent lining to stop the passage of fire through openings and walls.

Preformed intumescent tapes, with high expansion properties in case of fire.

Fire retardant, expanding mastics and foams.

Fireproof, intumescent sleeves and tubes to close the pass trough of pipes and protect against fire propagation. Available in a wide range of diameters.

Fire resistant covers for boxes and light fixtures (spot lights inside false ceilings)

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