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Electrical Insulation and Sealing Materials

Special compounds for electrical insulation and sealing.

ENIA is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the innovative products of RayTech Italy.

New Products Catalogue 2013
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Among its versatile compounds for electrical insulation and sealing against water and moisture ingress are the following:

Magic Power Gel

Two components gel with exceptional sealing, electrical insulation and temperature withstand characteristics. Can be mixed on the spot at the required quantities and has unlimited shelf life. Can be used as filler inside electrical connection boxes and warranties complete sealing against ingress of dust and water under immersion to any depth (IP68)




Sky Plast

Two components synthetic rubber with exceptional electrical insulation and flame resistant (self extinguishing) properties. Can be mixed on the spot at the required quantities and has unlimited shelf life.


Gasket kit

Two components elastomer for making gaskets, o-rings, washers, grommets and similar components quickly and at any size



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Galactic Protection

Two components elastomer for sealing printed circuit boards against dust humidity and insects.

Re-enterable and easy to remove even for the replacement of a single electronic component.


Leaflet Galactic Line – online

Other products

We also carry a great variety of compounds that offer clever and effective solutions for electrical and electronic applications, hydraulic applications, for the car, the house, the boat or for hobby.