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Obstacle Waning Lights

Beacon lights, low, medium and high intensity approved by ICAO. Beacon lights and spheres for High Voltage overhead lines.

ENIA supplies and supports the beacon lights developped by OBSTA, the international specialist in obstacle warning lights.

OBSTA has generated for more than 50 years innovative solutions for the safety of air trafic.

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We offer the following technologies:


With cold neon discharge tubes inside clear glass enclosure, they emit inherently “aviation red” light, with minimal power consumption and extremely long lifetime. The light intensity exceeds the respective FAA and ICAO requirements.

HISTI, 110/220VAC, >35cd  (FAA L810)
HISTI 110-240VAC, >32.5cd (ICAO)

STI, 24 & 48VDC, >10cd

STIF, 12 & 24VDC, low power consumption

With red LED lights. Low intensity type Α and B as defined by ICAO and FAA directives.

NAVILITE 230VAC, >10cd
NAVILITE, 12, 14 & 48VDC, >10cd

NAVILITE B 120/230VAC, >32.5cd
NAVILITE B, 12, 24 & 48VDC >32.5cd


Xenon flashing lights, red, white or dual color. Aluminium body, hard glass cover and lens. Two long life linear flash tubes in active redundancy. Available for 230VAC and 24VDC power supply. Control cabinet included.

OBSTAFLASH XE RED  Medium Intensity Red Flashing
OBSTAFLASH XE WHITE Medium Intensity White Flashing

LED medium intensity flashing obstruction light, white, red or dual color . Compliant with ICAO medium intensity type A and B and FAA L864/L865 specifications.

Medium Intensity LED


High-voltage lines are major hazard for low-flying aircraft. Placing beacons on pylons is not sufficient to ensure safety due to the very long spans of cable. The BALISOR® system – exclusive to OBSTA – is a beacon for high-voltage cables.

The power reguired for the operation of the neon discharge lamp is directly taped from the line, thus an external power supply is not required. The neon lamp inherently emits “aviation” red light and has a very long lifespan. The beacon falls into the ICAO’s low intencity (>10 cd) category. Available systems are suitable for high voltage lines from 50kV up to 550kV.

BALISOR HV line beacon

Warning spheres compliant with ICAO’s recommendation, annex 14, chapter 6.

Warning sphere HV lines


Junction, monitoring and automation boxes, solar power kits and battery cabinets

Junction and monitoring boxes
Solar power system
Batter cabinet