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Connectors and Lugs

Connectors and lugs for copper and aluminium conductors in various types and sizes

Copper lugs, plain and plated, with inspection hole, from 16mm2 up to 500mm2.

Heavy duty copper lugs from 25mm2 up to 630mm2.

Cast copper lugs from 25mm2up to 630mm2.

Bimetallic lugs (aluminium – copper) from  25mm2 up to 630mm2.

Aluminium lugs from  25mm2 up to 630mm2.

Copper connectors from 16mm2 up to 630mm2.

Aluminium connectors from 25mm2 up to 630mm2.

Bimetallic connectors from 35mm2 up to 630mm2.

Mechanical connectors and lugs from  25mm2 έως 630mm2 with shear bolts with predetermined shear torque


Connectors for high voltage networks and substations, mechanical, crimped and welded.