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ENIA presented its new line of products at the 5th international exhibition “ELECTROtec & Lighting Salon”.  This exhibition represents the greatest trade fair event, not only in Greece but also in the several markets of the Southeast Europe and took place at Metropolitan Expo Center near Athens international airport.


Freeze protection, HELPE Thessaloniki

ENIA completed successfully the project of electrical heat tracing of oil pipelines, pumping and measuring stations and related instrumentation at the Hellenic Petroleum refinery at Thessaloniki. ENIA has undertaken the detailed thermal calculations, design, materials specifications, and provision of all components as well as commissioning and startup. The 150,000€ project included 5Km of self regulating heating cables with the respective connection, termination and temperature control components. All of the materials ...


Official distributor of PD-DEVICES

ENIA is the official distributor in Greece for the electrical surge protection devices of PD-DEVICES Ltd. The company, established in 1968, has developed extensive and superior in technology line of products for the protection of the sensitive electronic devices against damage from lightning and transient over-voltages.


Testing equipment for High Voltage cables

ENIA in cooperation with the German company HIGHVOLT supplied testing equipment for High Voltage and Extra High Voltage electrical cables to CABLEL – HELLENIC CABLES S.A. This project amounted to 1,400,000€.